METABOLIC CLEANSE (1-5 DAY) - Need a faster metabolism?

METABOLIC CLEANSE (1-5 DAY) - Need a faster metabolism?

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Need a faster metabolism? This is the one! The High Shot doses of cayenne, ginger & turmeric will spike your metabolism, improve immunity, kick start the fat burning process whilst the calming greens, beets & carrot flushes the system to reduce bloating.

Less than 5% fructose in every Juice Culture cleanse!

Dean reviews the Juice Culture 5 Day Metabolic Cleanse. Watch how he loses 3.3kg in 5 days!



6 x 350mL juices + 2 High Shots (529 cal)

2 x Celery (35 cal)

2 x Envy - mint, spinach, celery, apple, orange, lemon (92 cal)

1 x Rave - beet, celery, carrot, apple, ginger, orange, lemon (96 cal)

1 x Bling - carrot, ginger, turmeric, apple, orange, lemon (103 cal)

2 x High Shots - turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne, apple, manuka honey (38 cal)

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Customer Reviews

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Carolyn G.
Solid weight loss a week later

A week after I started my 3 days' juicing I am down 2.1 kg, which I'm delighted with. I was sceptical till a week had passed - I had lost 3 kg by the end of the juicing but thought it would all go back on. Will definitely do this every 3-4 months.

Carolyn Glascodine
Weight loss guaranteed

Hungry at times but easier than I thought it would be (3 days, 3 kilos). I couldn’t cope with the caffeine headache so I cheated there. Birthday celebration the night after so I put on some weight. I’m interested in what the scales say after a week. Feeling quietly confident.

Sarah J
Loved this

Hi All

I had a really great experience with this juice cleanse. The high shot was delicious in hot water, as a tea!

Only complaint I had was that I had headaches for around 1.5 days and the runs on day 4 and 5 (not too bad, was manageable). I would advise is for day 4 and 5 to include a couple of fibrous snacks... one mid morning and one mid afternoon. I think then there would be no runs!


Anush Thenuwara
Fast, fresh!

Thank you to the Team for helping my get my fresh juices to my door. I have had a terrible gout issue and I had to quickly find someone who actually could ship out fresh juice , and found juice Culture to help me out . Thank you again team.

Feel clean, lost weight!

During Covid lockdown I put on some extra kgs, I have never really had extra weight on me. So I contacted Juice Culture. The woman was extremely nice over the phone. First day was the hardest I must admit I never thought it would be as hard as it was. But the sleep I had the first night was the best i've had in years, second day onwards I added nuts in as necessary to fill the hunger gap. I felt cleaner, I definitely lost weight and had the best sleep experiences ever. I would recommend this 100% and I will be doing it again but next time I might stick to 2 or 3 days __