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It’s a sure fact that a juice cleanse makes you feel amazing. Three days, five days... and you can feel the health benefits. Increased energy, improved sleep, glowing skin, reduced cravings the list goes on. Juice detoxes and fasts have been around for hundreds of years and they work! The great news is that if you live in Melbourne, Geelong, Canberra or any of our other locations, we can supply a juice cleanse to you!

What are the benefits of doing a juice cleanse?

  • Rest your digestive system
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Reduce your inflammation
  • Promotes weight-loss
  • Improve your sleep

Give Your Digestive System a Rest

Our bodies need rest. When we get tired, we go to sleep. When we are feeling stressed we find a place to relax. What about our digestive system? Every day we consume many meals and our bodies are constantly needing to digest what we eat. Digestion is an active process requiring blood flow and energy to break down the food we eat. At times we may not feel quite right internally, that could be because our digestive system needs an opportunity to heal and recharge. 

Do you feel bloated? Have irritated bowels? A juice cleanse can assist in resetting our gut. Drinking cold-pressed juice, rich in fruits and vegetables, greatly reduces the amount of stress and work that out gut experiences. We also replenishing our gut by supplying it with vitamins and other critical nutrients. Resting our gut for 3 to 5 days will give it a chance to get back on top of its game.

Boost Your Energy Levels

Feeling low on energy? Within just one or two days of juice cleansing, you will start to feel a difference. Day two is often known as the 'honeymoon' day where you experience inner calm and feel the energy boost from the juices.

As you consume the cold-pressed goodness, your body is filled with nutrients and vitamins which create lasting energy. It is very different from the rollercoasters of sugar and caffeine, this energy is stable and enduring. The enzymes in the fruits and vegetables are unleashed from the fiber which allows them to be rapidly absorbed into your body. After only 15 minutes of consuming a detox blend, you will feel the boost.

Reduce that Inflammation!

Scientific studies have emphasised that juice cleanses along with other plant-based foods greatly reduce inflammation in the body. We are living in a time when processed foods, dairy, alcohol, and meat cause significant inflammation. Detoxing gets rid of these outside toxins, cutting the supply at the source, then adds the rich nutrients of cold-pressed juice. This enters you into a zone of optimal toxin removal and body repair. Here at Juice Culture, we specialise in cleansing with Ginger, Tumeric, and Cayenne which increases the anti-inflammatory results you experience. Check out Juice Culture's High Shot rich in these ingredients.

Does a juice cleanse help you lose weight?

While not the primary reason one would undertake a juice cleanse, weight loss is a pleasing by-product. Not only is a significant drop in weight noticed over such a short time but juice cleansing can also kick us into healthy eating habits! After completing the cleanse you will feel clean due to toxin removal. This will motivate you to be more focused on eating what is good for your body. During a cleanse you remove processed food, harmful fats, and refined carbs. What are you replacing them with? The valuable nutrients in cold-pressed juice. 

It is not hard to see how you will naturally lose weight doing a juice cleanse. Of course, part of this weight loss is excess water, but if you can maintain a good diet following your cleanse, you will maintain the weight loss!

Will a juice cleanse help you sleep better?

Juicing naturally lowers cortisol levels which cause stress and anxiety - the things that often keep one up at night! The majority of people undertaking a juice cleanse report a significant improvement in their sleep. In addition, when you have been avoiding all of those unhealthy junky snacks, it is amazing how your body rewards your efforts. 

What about Hydration?

Studies show that more than 50% of people are dehydrated, consuming less than the daily six glasses of water. Consuming low sugar cold-pressed juice assists the body to function more efficiently, remove toxins, and build out energy. You might be surprised to know it is very important to continue drinking water throughout the day during a juice cleanse to assist in keeping all fluids in your body moving. Taking in water will enable those nutrients and vitamins to get where they need to be in your body so it can transform how are you look and feel. 

 Who can supply you a Juice Cleanse?

Juice Culture is a leading juice manufacturer since 2010. Juice Culture delivers juice cleanses to Melbourne, Geelong, Canberra, Bendigo, Ballarat, and Rural Victoria. 

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