EXTENDER (1-7 DAYS) Need to extend the length of your cleanse?

EXTENDER (1-7 DAYS) Need to extend the length of your cleanse?

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This cleanse pack is designed to take you through to day six or seven. Incorporating cleansing elements of raw fresh produce handcrafted to sustain you. Cacao almond mylk is rich in antioxidants, High Shot gives a metabolic boost, while the abundant fresh greens increase vitamin, mineral and iron levels for an internal and external glow.

The Extender is the perfect finish to your cleanse. Providing the right amount of energy to take you over that finish line - sustenance and nutrients to finish strong and proud!

OPTION 1: Order your favourite juice cleanse, adding one or two days of the ‘Extender’. For example. Order a five day ‘Metabolic’ and a two day ‘Extender’. This will give you a seven day juice cleanse!

OPTION 2: Order the ‘Extender’ as a stand-alone product for the length you desire – up to seven days.


1 DAY CLEANSE - $62 

7 x 350mL juices + 1 High Shot (729 cal)

2 x Envy - mint, spinach, celery, apple, orange, lemon (92 cal)

2 x Rave – beet, celery, carrot, apple, ginger, orange, lemon (96 cal)

1 x Aztec – almonds, raw cacao, dates, chilli (173 cal)

1 x Mojo – parsley spinach, celery, pineapple, apple, orange, lemon (81 cal)

1 x Skinni 1 - spinach, celery, fennel, parsley, apple, lemon (61 cal)

1 x High Shot - turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne, apple, manuka honey (38 cal)


2 DAY CLEANSE - $124

14 x 350mL juices + 2 High Shots


3 DAY CLEANSE - $186

21 x 350mL juices + 3 High Shots


4 DAY CLEANSE - $248

28 x 350mL juices + 4 High Shots


5 DAY CLEANSE - $310

35 x 350mL juices + 5 High Shots


6 DAY CLEANSE - $372

42 x 350mL juices + 6 High Shots


7 DAY CLEANSE - $434

49 x 350mL juices + 7 High Shots


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