What you do makes a difference. So you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Dr Jane Goodall 
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In 2019 when Juice Culture accepted the Champion Trophy for Best Beverage in Australia, our company pledged to do more to protect and conserve the environment. Since then, our team has sought ways to produce premium cold pressed juices and reduce our climate impact in the making.

Everything from where our produce is sourced, our solar energy presses… how organic waste is recycled… is a reflection of our environmental responsibility awareness action plan.

Emerging as a leader in the juice cleanse Melbourne programs, we sensed an urgent need for a paradigm shift on how we nurture ourselves and our bodies without compromising the environment. Juice Culture Melbourne has paved the way in re-thinking and innovating sustainable solutions. Everything from where our produce is sourced, our solar energy presses, our internal business operations even little things such as the envelopes we choose to use, how organic waste is recycled, along with the launch of the glass recycling program; is a reflection of our environmental responsibility awareness action plan.

Everything received in a Juice Culture cleanse pack is recyclable, biodegradable or reusable, making every Juice Culture purchase an eco-friendly choice. Our transition from plastic to glass has meant we devote extra time, love, and care to preparing, bottling, and delivering the juices to our clients, but we are happy to play our part. Our commitment to the environment is something our clients can be proud of supporting.

Clean body. Clean environment.

Juice Culture Sustainable Solutions 

100% certified carbon neutral delivery to your door

juice culture recyclable and biodegradable

We have removed the need to use plastic labels on our glass bottles to make them user-friendly and plastic-free. Say goodbye to peeling those sticky labels! Even our packing tape and wrapping is biodegradable! As for the twine, place it in the ground, and it will naturally decompose.

Juice Cleanse Organic Waste

 Absolutely nothing goes to waste. All organic pulp is food to local sheep, cattle, chooks and guinea pigs. The fresh food source is nutrient-rich important for good digestion, resulting in very healthy and happy animals.

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"A study from the Agricultural Research Service suggests that feeding the citrus skins to cattle can drastically reduce the prevalence of pathogenic bacteria (such as E. coli and salmonella) in cows’ gastrointestinal tracts." 

Climate Impact Going to Zero

 Juice Culture is reducing our climate impact in line with the Australian Government voluntary climate action initiative. Energy collected from renewable resources is what co-powers our press process. Our renewable energy sources collected onsite and efficient processes ensure that our carbon footprint is reduced. We have also teamed up with a 100% certified Carbon Neutral courier service to deliver your juices. This means carbon emissions are offset or balanced out. carbon offset juice culture projectCarbon offset projects often support developing countries and aim to drive down future emissions. Some projects include the purchase of clean energy technologies. Other projects promote reforestation by the planting of trees to replenish and restore ecosystems, absorbing CO2 directly.

When you buy our product, these are some of the environmental carbon offset projects you are contributing to globally such as energy efficient cookstoves delivered to communities in developing countries.

Box and Glass Recycling Program

We provide customers with collection and disposal services for glass recycling.

Option 1: PICK UP - We can collect boxes and bottles from your front door with your next Juice Culture delivery. Please keep the same box with the divider, bottles lightly rinsed and caps off to stop mould forming. Please place caps in the box, tape up the box and leave it at the door with a visible note: PICKUP. When our courier driver drops off your next order, they will collect the labelled box.

Option 2: DROP OFF - Please return box, rinsed bottles, and caps to 20 Woods Rd, St Albans Park, 3219.

Thank you for supporting us and our commitment to the environment, every small change can make a big difference. 

Juice Culture Team

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Please share with us creative ways you are repurposing Juice Culture bottles by sending photos to orders@juiceculture.com.au 


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