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 ** Now Accepting Inquiries ** 

We invite Whole Foods stores, Grocery stores, Cafes, and Restaurants to inquire about stocking our premium award-winning cold-pressed juices. 

Businesses have observed a steady increase in sales, repeat customers, interest from new customers, stock selling out weekly, and order trends doubling and tripling in the warmer months. Juice Culture reaches a target audience who value quality, support local, small batch press fresh weekly and care about health. Balancing these factors with a product that tastes good is hard to find. At Juice Culture, the taste and quality make our product unique. 


“Juice Culture Cold Pressed Juices Melbourne and Geelong is the secret to boosting your business potential.”


The Product

* Slow cold pressed at a low temperature to retain nutrition and optimise freshness

* All natural and unpasteurised

* 100% pure, no water added

* No artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives

* Sourced from high-quality Australian produce

* Pressed fresh in Geelong weekly 

* Eco-friendly packaging 

The People

* Quick, reliable, and professional delivery

* Locally owned and operated company

* Customer service desk ready and available to help

* Promotion and marketing tips are given upon request.

* Carbon-neutral delivery


We deliver weekly from the Surf Coast through to the Mornington Peninsula. The areas covers Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo regions. 


Make Juice Culture Your Trusted Juice Brand