Why are Juice Culture blends better for you than regular juices? 

Our juices are cold pressed which means the produce is not ground and heated by centrifugal juicers (juicers used in juice bars) the produce is gently hydraulically cold pressed whilst chilled to avoid damaging the delicate nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes. Some blends have herbs & spices to balance texture, nutrition & taste for an optimum experience. We only use Australian grown produce. We certainly don’t use any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives. Our juice cleanse Melbourne program is our passion.

Why do you combine the fruit and vegetables the way you do? 

For maximum results, we balance between nutrients, calories, colour, texture and taste. You will be flooding your body with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll & enzymes

Will I lose weight? 

This program was developed to give your body a boost of natural clean nutrition, the weight loss is a happy side effect. The majority of weight loss after day 1 will be a result of your body releasing retained fluid, thereafter body fat.




Can I exercise whilst on the program? 

Because we don’t know your medical history, we recommend that you consult with your G.P. If given the all clear by your G.P. then definitely YES.  Please gauge your energy levels and adjust your exercise accordingly.  Keeping active improves your nutrient absorption; increases your metabolism; expediates detoxing as toxins are removed through your system more efficiently.

What are the benefits of drinking these blends? 

You can expect: more energy, wake up feeling healthy, weight loss, mental clarity, feel happier, sleep more soundly, clearer skin, brighter eyes. It encourages you to improve your nutritional habits as you acquire a taste and even form a longing for fresh produce. What a great place to find yourself in - a craving for fresh produce rather than chocolate!

Will I experience any adverse effects or hunger? 

If you are a coffee drinker then most likely you will feel "head achy" for the first day or so. This will subside as you cleanse and the toxins leave your body. From breakfast and right throughout the day, most cope extremely well, some won't experience any hunger.  It's generally around tea time that you may feel hungry, hang in there it's gone in the morning.

Why are ingredients separating at top and bottom of the bottle? 



Separation is a sign of being completely natural. Most fibre is removed when cold pressing, however, a measure of fibre remains, some float, some sink.  We do not use any emulsifiers, chemicals or pasturization to keep the ingredients bonded. Give the bottle a good shake and you'll have a completely natural blend.



Can I eat other foods whilst detoxing? 

For best results, stick to the blends supplied.  If you are really struggling, we do provide a list of foods to help you stay on track. If you are using the program for nutritional purposes then try splitting a 1-day detox pack over 2 days - consume 4 blends during the day and add a healthy dinner.  We recommend including extra fluids to keep your digestive system regular, that way toxins are less likely to be re-absorbed into your body. Water is recommended along with herbal teas.

Can I drink coffee, tea or alcohol with this detox program?

Not if you want the very best results. Including coffee and alcohol will slow down the cleansing process and counteract the anti-inflammatory properties of the blends. The aim of this program is to rest and soothe your digestive system.

With all that fresh produce, will I be visiting the loo more frequently? 

Not necessarily, that's why we recommend extra fluids. You need to keep your digestive system moving to clear the toxins before they are reabsorbed into your system. You will likely have 1 or 2 normal bowel movements each day. If not, include more water during the program.



Is this cleanse suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women? 

Alone – No, you need a higher calcium, carb and protein diet, however, these blends are an excellent way to add more nutrients to your existing eating plan. 

I’m getting married and want to look and feel my best on the day, when should I cleanse? 

Ideally, two weeks before the big day commit to a 3 day cleanse each week.

How often should I cleanse? 

To assist in maintaining your best health and weight, we recommend a 1 - 3 day Deep Cleanse whenever you feel sluggish or need a push with weight loss.

Could a 3 day cleanse really work? 

Yes with great results, our customers testify to that. Some of our experienced cleansing customers cleanse for 6 days straight with excellent results, however for your first time, 3 days is best.

Can you aid the cleansing process by exfoliating in the shower? 

Yep, that's right. The body will eliminate toxins through the skin and by exfoliating you are helping your body rid the toxins before they may be reabsorbed back into your body.

Will I feel the cold more whilst cleansing? 

You may during the colder weather because of the fewer calories consumed, males tend to experience this more than females. This is unlikely during the warmer season.