metabolic juice cleanse melbourne
METABOLIC JUICE CLEANSE (1-5 DAY) - Need a faster metabolism?
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METABOLIC JUICE CLEANSE (1-5 DAY) - Need a faster metabolism?

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Need a faster metabolism? This is the one! The High Shot doses of cayenne, ginger & turmeric will spike your metabolism, improve immunity, kick start the fat burning process whilst the calming greens, beets & carrot flushes the system to reduce bloating.

Less than 5% fructose in every Juice Culture cleanse!

Dean reviews the Juice Culture 5 Day Metabolic Cleanse. Watch how he loses 3.3kg in 5 days! 


6 x 350mL juices + 2 High Shots (529 cal)

    Celery juice aids weight loss as it’s very low in calories and filling at the same time.

    The nutrients in celery juice are essential for repairing skin damage, these nutrients also help in producing collagen and nourishes our skin for a bright and glowing complexion.

    Celery juice kills off pathogens in our gut.  By killing off that bad gut bacteria, celery juice calms inflammation & gradually helps restore your stomach’s hydrochloric acid levels which boosts immunity.

    A refreshing minty tasting, highly alkalising green juice will load you with important nutrients that our bodies thrive on.  The rich chlorophyll & antioxidants help in building immunity, strengthening bones & improves the efficiency of oxygen transported to our cells, as a result, giving you more energy.  The vitamins, minerals & enzymes will help detoxify the liver & improve your overall well-being.

    Made using a powerful 30 gram combination of turmeric/ginger to boost immunity & metabolism. Ingredients chosen for their effective: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral properties.

    Bling integrates anti-inflammatory turmeric with metabolic fat burning ginger. These ingredients are useful for weight loss by boosting metabolism & reducing inflammation. The rich beta carotenes, Vitamin A, B & C increases immunity, maintains healthy connective tissue, promotes brighter eyes & nervous system health.

    A metabolic booster & liver cleanser. The powerful antioxidants & rich nitrates will improve your overall health, stamina is boosted to help you exercise longer,  & stimulates the liver’s detoxification process.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews
    Lesley Smyth

    Really great way to restart your body
    I was not hungry at all
    I did the juice for three days
    I munched on half a carrot and a few almonds
    Would do the three days again
    It was easy


    Shot drink was something I looked forward to having especially the afternoon dose.

    Great juices and good variety

    Love my two day juice cleanse! Feeling healthier already. Thank you :)

    Great juices

    This is my second juice cleanse, decided to attempt the Metabolic Juice Cleanse. Loved the High shots BUT found it really hard to drink all the celery juice! One a day is good but two is pushing the friendship:) I was amazed at the fact that I did not feel hungry - although it is hard when cooking for a family not to nibble on food.

    Jeanette Power
    Best juice cleanse I’ve done

    Didn’t feel hungry and the shots were a nice point of difference. I could feel them making a difference.