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What are the Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice?

Are you a little curious about Celery Juice? This article will cover what’s so good about it, and why you might want Celery Juice in your diet.

Is Celery Juice good for you?

Juice Cleanse Celery Juice Benefits


Long answer short? Yes, it is. 

But keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Celery Juice and what makes Juice Culture #1 in Juice Cleanse Melbourne!

Celery is a vegetable, rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Celery juice (especially cold-pressed) is an effective way of getting vitamins A, B-2, B-6, C, and K. Other nutrients that can be found in Celery Juice include potassium, folate, calcium and manganese. As a plus to being low in calories, phytonutrients can also be gained from drinking Celery Juice.

But what does this mean for you? 

Fast nutrients 

Cold Pressed Celery Juice is a quick and easy way of getting important nutrients daily. You can think of celery juice as a fast, daily booster shot of essential vitamins to help your body function at its best. Drinking celery in juice form is an efficient way of getting all the healthy benefits of the vegetable without having to sit down and eat a large amount. 


Celery juice has also been shown to have anti-inflammation properties. This means that it may be great for anyone who suffers from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, where joints are inflamed and cause pain. This is because Celery Juice is rich in phytonutrients, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. So while Celery Juice won’t cure any diseases, it can have a beneficial effect on those with inflammation conditions like eczema or acne.  

Improved digestion 

Your digestion may also be improved when drinking Celery Juice. Because Celery Juice contains salts, it can increase hydrochloric acid levels in the gut by stimulating stomach acid production. By helping in the production of stomach acid, in addition to its hydrating nature, Celery Juice can help you break down and digest food more effectively. 

It may help lower blood pressure

Celery Juice can assist with reducing high blood pressure. Phytochemicals called Phthalides can be found in Celery Juice, which acts to relax artery wall tissues. This can result in a reduction in your blood pressure. In addition, a study into the antihypertensive properties (a fancy word for being able to lower high blood pressure) of celery leaf extracts showed that it could indeed be used to decrease blood pressure in humans. With these properties, Celery Juice could be a helpful addition to the diet of those with high blood pressure. 

It could reduce your risk of cancer 

Adding Celery Juice into your diet could reduce your risk of cancer. Celery juice is by no means a miracle cure, but it may help to protect against cancer progression. How? The antioxidants apigenin and luteolin that can be found in Celery Juice have been linked to stopping cancer. Apigenin has been shown to suppress cancer by causing the death of human cancer cells. On the other hand, luteolin was reported to block cancer cell development by stopping its spread. These preventative benefits would make these antioxidants a healthy part of your diet. 

What can you expect from drinking Celery Juice?

When drinking Celery Juice, you may experience improvements to your skin.

How? Simply put, Celery Juice contains nutrients such as Vitamin K. This vitamin is often found in topical creams to help accelerate the healing of skin and helps protect your body’s collagen. Protecting your body’s collagen allows the skin to remain supple and elastic. Studies have also indicated that protecting collagen slows the ageing process of the skin. A supplement of Celery Juice into your diet can provide these nutrients regularly to help keep your skin glowing.

You may also feel more hydrated from drinking Celery Juice 

This is because Celery Juice is rich in electrolytes. These are electrical charge carrying minerals that act to hydrate your body and help maintain water balance in and out of your cells when you sweat. Electrolytes even assist your body with maintaining muscle contractions and a balanced pH level. So when you lose electrolytes and minerals from sweating and working out, Celery Juice can replenish your electrolytes and hydrate you. It’s basically like a sports drink without the unnecessary sugars and colour. 

Drinking Celery juice can help you feel more energised, and also prevent fatigue.

Being abundant in nutrients, Celery Juice can help you feel more energetic. Vitamins and minerals are essential to helping the body’s energy production. For example, B Vitamins and Manganese (both of which are found in Celery Juice) help you metabolise food. This allows the body to turn the food into energy to power up your day. On the other hand, if you don’t get enough minerals like potassium, your body will feel fatigued. Drinking Celery Juice regularly to add vitamins and minerals into your diet will help your body function at its best. Doing so will keep you energised and feeling good. 

Can Celery Juice flatten your stomach? 

While it won’t flatten your stomach overnight, Celery Juice can assist you with weight loss. Its high water content can help reduce bloating, while its energising effect can give you the push you need to get active. The nutrients in Celery Juice can help your body work at a more optimal level, allowing you to function more efficiently. Also, using Celery Juice as a low-calorie replacement for unhealthy drinks can act to reduce unnecessary calories and sugars. 

The bottom line?

Celery Juice is a simple but nutrient-filled drink that your body will thank you for. A regular intake of celery juice can serve a variety of health benefits for your body. Because of the overwhelming advantages of drinking it daily, Juice Culture has included a Celery Juice Wellness Pack for the benefit of our customers. Our juice cleanses are cold pressed here in Melbourne! Meaning that they don’t lose any of the valuable nutrients, so you will always get the full effect from our Celery Juice! From helping keep your energy up to assisting with inflammation, Celery Juice benefits are plenty and powerful. So why not give it a try?